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Design, integration, and implementation of media and IT technology.

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For over 35 years, Bexel has designed robust systems to meet the demanding requirements of broadcasters across the globe. Bexel Engineered Systems & Solutions (ESS) offers that same level of experience and engineering expertise, solving unique problems within the broadcast, league, collegiate, corporate, and entertainment markets.

Bexel ESS designs and installs complete turnkey solutions for permanent facilities, major events and live game production. Our custom solutions are fine tuned to deliver outstanding product performance and broadcast workflow. We pioneered the conversion of copper cable plant systems to optical fiber, set the standard for permanent and temporary cable plant infrastructures, and established benchmarks for centralized control rooms utilizing modular SMPTE fiber systems. We routinely develop new ideas and products to improve the longevity, functionality of client systems, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Managed Services

We ensure your event has all the proper technical components for a successful broadcast

We provide highly specialized and skilled labor to help our clients manage complex aspects of their business onsite.

Whether it is a Domestic or International distribution, or a momentous event that spans multiple venues, Bexel ESS simplifies the complicated array of subcontractors, service providers, and equipment needed to products large, multifaceted events, with services that include:

  • Budget and Cost Analysis
  • Consultation and Design
  • Technical Specifications and Drawings
  • Infrastructure builds for Temporary and Permanent Facilities
  • Multi-Camera System Installation
  • On-Site Engineering Support

Engineered Systems

Value engineered solutions for integrated control rooms and studios

Engineering, integration, and installation expertise for permanent installations, customer-owned flypack systems, multi-camera systems, complete control rooms, and studios.

Crewless Studio Solution

We developed and built the acclaimed Crewless Studio, a self-containted, multi-purpose studio solution that provides the quality of a professional studio in a cost effective, compact and efficient form factor. This custom broadcast solution enables talent to go on-air immediately. The Crewless Studio is remotely managed over IP and provides multi-camera, bi-directional video, audio, and IFB, thus eliminating the need for large on-site crews and satellite rentals. The modular design helps with space constrictions and allows for easy installation in a variety of locations and the ability to be on-air within minutes of setup.

Our engineering team is available to support our installations 24/7/365 to help you deliver the demands of live content creation.

Permanent Facilities

Future-proof design and technology applications so you can more wisely invest in upgrades

We manage the design, implementation, and maintenance of broadcast cable plants, utilizing modular SMPTE fiber systems that enable quick and reliable field repair and testing standards for studios, venues, arenas, and stadiums.

We have the technical expertise and top-of-the-line optical equipment to get your project done right.

Case Studies

We work as trusted partners to solve our clients’ most difficult challenges

Crewless Studio

With the goal of enhancing story telling with more live coverage of sports events around the world, Bexel ESS built, tested, and installed a total of 30 self-contained, crewless home studios, renamed Crewless Studio, for Fox Sports 1 and the Big Ten Network’s top talent.

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National Hockey League

Bexel ESS provided multiple rights holders their desired connections in multiple locations for the National Hockey League and Stanley Cup Playoffs. The company also managed RF coordination in unknown environments and outdoor venues with narrow spectrums.

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Bexel works with the best

We provide a full complement of services, expert optical equipment installation, and infrastructure solutions for live event production, partnering with some of the most notable stadiums, arenas, entertainment venues, and remote environments.

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