Fiber Optic Rental Solutions

If you are looking for faster, more lightweight connectivity between distant venues, look no further. Our engineers have developed a variety of Fiber Booth Kits, packaged solutions for interfacing Video, Audio, Comms, Data and IP Connectivity for host positions and broadcast booths. The modular and compact design helps with space constrictions and allows the distance between the production set and mobile unit to be exponentially greater than traditional copper connectivity. Like we said… we’re experts in the Fiber Optic field

Dante Booth Kit
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Fiber Booth Kit
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Fiber Mini Booth Kit
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bexel-broadcast-services-fiber-cable-essWith the growing need to support more connectivity and the additional bandwidth requirements of 4K, Bexel’s substantial fiber
inventory can accommodate the demand. We have the largest variety of tactical fiber types and lengths, along with the top technicians, with the most industry knowledge and experience to service your requirements, anywhere in the world. Our cables are in superior condition, clean, tested, and labeled with measurement characteristics per strand.

Fiber Infrastructure Installation Bexel Rental Broadcast Services Academy Awards Oscars Hollywood HighlandOur fiber experts can design and build custom solutions for a variety of applications including live events, projection/LED screens, host sets, Red Carpet positions, and sports broadcast booths.

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We frequently support some of the most high profile events, including Olympics, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, PGA Championship, NCAA Final Four, LPU Racks Rental Bexel Broadcast ServicesNHL Stanley Cup, NBA All-Star, and NCAA Football Championship. We support your project from the ground up to ensure a winning solution, providing fiber consultation, custom system solutions, on-site fiber engineering support, and event fiber and cable management.

Today, fiber optic technology has advanced to include military-grade tactical cable and fiber/copper hybrid cabling that is much mbexel-broadcast-services-super-bowl-xliv-fiber-cableore robust to work with.

Learn about the key areas around the use of fiber optic cabling for live production infrastructure, including:

  • Single and multi-mode fiber
  • SMPTE hybrid And tactical cable
  • How much fiber do you need?
  • Keep it clean
  • Fiber networking
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Fiber Optic Sales

Bexel ESS, the systems design and integration division of Bexel, specializes in infrastructure, adaptation of fiber, and special systems and equipment throughout a venue or stadium.

The implementation of fiber for the live event industry has many benefits, including reduced setup time, improved distribution of signals, long cable runs without transmission loss and dramatically reduced weight.

Leagues, teams, and events have pushed the need for optical fiber far beyond broadcast and backhouse IT systems.  Applications like VR, AR, Replay, Statistics, POS, Wi-Fi, Injury Video Review and Photo Press are not baseband HD/SDI, but data that requires a robust network of optical cabling throughout the facility.

Contact Bexel ESS to learn more about how we can partner with you to achieve a future-proof facility.