Fiber Optic Solutions

If you are looking for faster, more lightweight connectivity between distant venues, look no further. Our engineers have developed a variety of Fiber Booth Kits, packaged solutions for interfacing Video, Audio, Comms, Data and IP Connectivity for host positions and broadcast booths. The modular and compact design helps with space constrictions and allows the distance between the production set and mobile unit to be exponentially greater than traditional copper connectivity. Like we said… we’re experts in the Fiber Optic field.

Fiber Booth Kit
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Fiber Mini Booth Kit
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bexel-broadcast-services-fiber-cable-essWith the growing need to support more connectivity and the additional bandwidth requirements of 4K, Bexel’s substantial fiber
inventory can accommodate the demand. We have the largest variety of tactical fiber types and lengths, along with the top technicians, with the most industry knowledge and experience to service your requirements, anywhere in the world. Our cables are in superior condition, clean, tested, and labeled with measurement characteristics per strand.

Fiber Infrastructure Installation Bexel Rental Broadcast Services Academy Awards Oscars Hollywood HighlandOur fiber experts can design and build custom solutions for a variety of applications including live events, projection/LED screens, host sets, Red Carpet positions, and sports broadcast booths.

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We frequently support some of the most high profile events, including Olympics, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, PGA Championship, NCAA Final Four, LPU Racks Rental Bexel Broadcast ServicesNHL Stanley Cup, NBA All-Star, and NCAA Football Championship. We support your project from the ground up to ensure a winning solution, providing fiber consultation, custom system solutions, on-site fiber engineering support, and event fiber and cable management.

Today, fiber optic technology has advanced to include military-grade tactical cable and fiber/copper hybrid cabling that is much mbexel-broadcast-services-super-bowl-xliv-fiber-cableore robust to work with.

Learn about the key areas around the use of fiber optic cabling for live production infrastructure, including:

  • Single and multi-mode fiber
  • SMPTE hybrid And tactical cable
  • How much fiber do you need?
  • Keep it clean
  • Fiber networking
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RF Audio, Intercom and Frequency Coordination Solutions

Our proprietary product line, Audio Specialties Group (ASG), manufactures large scale Wireless Antenna distribution systems and specialized audio/intercom pieces for custom applications. We utilize these custom solutions in our rental, sales (Bexel TSS), and integration (Bexel ESS) divisions.

  • Bexel ASG
    • Managed Antenna Solutions “MAS” Products
    • Large Scale Diversity Systems for Wireless Mic Applications
    • Large Scale Transmit and Receive Systems for UHF Intercom
    • Large Scale Transmit Systems for both UHF and VHF IFB systems
  • Announcer Interfaces
    • Eagle Announcer System
    • Falcon Sportscaster Unit
  • Audio and Intercom
    • RI1000 High Power Intercom System
    • ASG SAP912 Source Assign Panel
    • ASG DUS1526 Source Assign Panel
    • IMB1111 Intercom Splitter
    • AOB2 Audio Only Box

Eagle Announcer System

Eagle Announcer System

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Falcon Sportscaster Unit

Falcon Sportcaster Unit

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_GR24287Each unique project stems from a technical necessity. Our expertise in custom engineered large and small scale audio systems supports a wide range of production applications.

  • Wireless Mics
    • Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, Shure, Zaxcom, Quantum
  • IFBs
    • Lectrosonics, Shure, Phonak, Sennheiser
  • Distribution & Recorders
    • Audio Distribution – MADI and DANTE
      • Directout Audio Distribution System
      • Yamaha RIO Audio Distribution System
    • Recording Options
      • Sound Devices PIX270
  • Mixing Consoles
    • Calrec, Yamaha, Mackie

Wireless intercom systems offer the convenience of untethered communication for mobile users, while providing the power, flexibility and audio quality of wired systems. Bexel can create an integrated wireless intercom solution to meet a variety of technical requirements, budgets, and environments.

  • Matrix Intercom Systems
    • ADAM – custom tailored turn-key ADAM solutions
      • Zeus III Systems
      • ADAM M Systems
      • Full Scale ADAM Systems
  • Clear-Com HX Systems
    • Pico Systems
    • Full Scale Omega Systems
  • Party Line Intercom Systems
    • Clear-Com Helixnet Digital Decentralized Matrix
    • RTS Systems
      • ASG 12-Channel Rewet
    • Clear-Com Analog 2 Wire Party Line Systems
  • Wireless Intercom
    • Clear-Com FreeSpeak II
    • Telex UHF Wireless Intercom Systems
    • HME UHF Wireless Intercom Systems

The Clear-Com FreeSpeak II™ is the next generation distributed wireless solution that operates in multiple worldwide license-free frequency bands: 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz. This high performance wireless intercom system is designed for extensive communication in large-scale operations. Its ability to maintain a strong and continuous wireless connection across an expansive coverage area while providing crystal-clear digital audio makes FreeSpeak II™ the ideal wireless roaming solution for live event, broadcast, sport production.

This system is  capable of up to 65 belt packs using the 1.9 and 2.4GHz ranges. Bexel has tailored a smaller package for those /who just need a small number of belt packs and need the benefit of the clearer spectrum FreeSpeak II offers.

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_GR24277We understand the challenges of working with a changing RF environment, which is why we offer a full range of wireless coordination services. This includes everything from a simple wireless package rental to a large live event for projects including Stanley Cup Finals, NBA games, New Year’s Eve Times Square, and Fox Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Like we said, leave the Frequency Coordination services to us.

_GR24283At Audio Specialties Group (ASG), we have 15 years of experience in wireless, low-power VHF/UHF audio equipment over a greater area for television stations, network news facilities, production facilities and even aerospace manufacturing and mission control applications.

We call this specialty “Managed Antenna Systems” (MAS). These projects are supported by the ASG Products division within Bexel. Managed Antenna Systems consist of an end-to-end approach for a complete solution. We handle frequency coordination, system design, equipment procurement, wire installation, on-site labor, equipment manufacturing and sustaining engineering.

Our development and installation of Managed Antenna Systems (MAS) provide a highly organized and robust solution to wide-area coverage of low-power RF devices.

_GR24289Bexel provides complete audio and intercom solutions. We will work closely with you to tailor systems that meet the needs of your production while remaining conscious of your budget.

4K, Robotic and Specialty Camera Solutions

sony-4300-bexel-4k-camera-sachtlerFrom the Sony HDC-4300 to the Grass Valley LDX-86, the superior image quality of 4K UHD and HD frame rates deliver true-to-life entertainment.

Sony unveiled the world’s first camera with three 2/3″ CMOS 4K images. The HDC-4300 offers superior HD quality, multiple high frame rates (HFR), high dynamic range (HDR), and unmatched 4K quality using Sony’s latest 4K CMOS image sensor technology.

Grass Valley LDX-86 camera system provides single speed HD/3G/4K, as well as 6x HD speed and 3x HD/3G speed.

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grass-valley-ldx-6x-slo-mo-camera-bexel-broadcast-services-300x208Ultra, slow-motion workflow is improved to deliver sharper imagery and more engaging replay, while reducing overall costs and increasing functionality.

Enhance your production with up to 8x slo-mo (HDC-4300) or up to 6x slo-mo (LDX-86), while integrating seamlessly into live workflows.

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panasonic-aw-he60-bexel-video-equipment-rentals-robotic-cameraIs your production in a challenging or remote location? Our collection of Panasonic HD/UHD PTZ cameras produce stunning pictures, even in low-light conditions, like the AW-HE130, AW-HE60H, AW-HE40H, and AW-HE2 pan/tilt/zoom cameras.

Camera Corps manufactures some of the most powerful miniature robotic camera and tracking systems on the market today, capturing unique shots with the Q-Ball and Q3, featuring built-in 20x optical zoom lens and 360 degrees continuous pan movement. Camera Corps’ line of specialty cameras including the mini right angle MeerCat camera and HD Cricket Stump camera were developed in response to the demand to provide a unique angle and perspective to the viewers for replays and analysis.

Workflow and Replay Servers Solutions

The 2013 US Open in Flushing, NY Bexel

From EVS, Grass Valley, Evertz, and Abekas, we support the industry’s leading range of live production servers to replay and highlight critical moments in sports.

Depending on your needs, we will outfit your production with a solution that offers complete media control and superior image quality, with options that include live editing, multi-camera ingest, flexible playout, high bandwidth demands, and integration with HD, 3G, or 4K for an enhanced production workflow.

Flypack System Solutions

Control Room - Flyaway System - BexelRenowned flypack solution brings first-class production facilities to remote and space-constrained venues around the world. Engineered for optimum workflow, the flyaway system is configured as a high-end production control room using state-of-the-art HD technology with complete adaptability, including a highly configurable monitor wall and custom designed modular racks to handle a variety of complex production requirements.

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Graphics Solutions

Bexel_Graphics-server_Viz-RTAvailable for short-term rentals, and installation in mobile/OB units and production facilities.

We have the latest software technology, featuring real-time 3D graphics, to give you full control of the content for your on-air broadcast. Bexel is proud to offer Viz Trio™, the number one character generator (CG), featuring template-based graphics and a high level of built-in intelligence to enable the most flexibility in rendering 3D graphics. Bexel has further customized the original Viz Trio™ Dual Channel One Box to be more compact and accommodate mobile truck racks, where space is always at a premium.

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