Multidyne VF-9000


1RU CWDM modular solution customized by Bexel to 12 HD paths with BNC I/O, all on one single-mode optical fiber (ST connector).

The VF-9000 is a 1 Rack Unit, very high density video fiber optic transport platform. It has up to 36 optical I/O (18 SFP Ports) and 36 Copper, BNC I/Os. The configuration of input vs. output is configured automatically, following the I/O of the SFP installed. If a dual TX SFP in inserted in a slot, the two BNCs at the back of the slot become inputs. If a dual RX SFP is inserted in a slot, the two BNCs at the back of the slot become outputs. And finally, If a transceiver is inserted into a slot, the two BNCs at the back of the slot become an input and an output. There are no setups or configurations required.

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