Multidyne FiberSaver 6×6 ST Transceiver/Remapper – A

Multidyne FiberSaver 6×6 ST Transceiver/Remapper – A

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6 Ch. FiberSaver Transmitter/Remapper, ONE fiber: Choose any 6 combined inputs (BNC inputs or optical inputs of any wavelength), one multiplexed optical output

The FS_Series was designed and built to help engineers and designers to be able to recover from situations where there are many signals to move over fiber, but not enough available fibers due to a lack of access to run more fiber or full cable trays. With our new Fiber_Saver, input any digital optical signal with a data rate of up to 4.25Gb/sec and it will be received and then re_transmitted at a CWDM wavelength and launched into the CWDM multiplexer. At the other end of the link, the signal is then demultiplexed and restored. Up to six optical signals can be combined without the complexity of having specific CWDM lasers…and their spares…for each of your optical sources.

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