Evertz 7721AE8-HD+3RU HD 8 AES Audio HD-SDI Embedder

Evertz 7721AE8-HD+3RU HD 8 AES Audio HD-SDI Embedder

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The 7721AE8-HD Audio Embedder inserts 8 AES audio signals into a 1.5Gb/s HD or 270Mb/s SD video signals as specified in SMPTE ST 299-1 or ST 272 respectively. The companion 7721AD8-HD Audio De-embedder facilitates audio demultiplexing at the destination.

The 7721AE8-HD embeds up to 8 AES audio signals into four groups on the HD/SD outputs allowing dual 5.1 audio applications. The 7721AE8-HD module supports 24-bit AES audio embedding for HD and 20-bit audio embedding for SD. In addition, a full 16×16 audio channel router is available for channel re-mapping.

The 7721AE8-HD is Dolby compliant and automatically disables sample rate conversion on AES inputs to permit seamless Dolby embedding.

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