Chrosziel Clip-On MatteBox (CF-SS/130)


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SD 412 SunShade for wide-angle, complete, 130mm connection. This Chrosziel sunshade is designed specifically for use with two filters. The lightweight 130mm clamp-on sunshade is ideal for a variety of applications including handheld work. The system is fully compatible with HD & SD camera lenses up to 4.5mm focal length. The technical data of the three versions is identical except for the maximum clamp diameters (104 / 110 / 130 mm). The included Double Filter Stage takes filters up to 5.65×5.65?. Both filters slide vertically and can be fixed in any position, the second also rotates 250?. For optimal use of the picture angle, the filter-stages are equipped with multi-format filter-holders for 4×4 and 4×5.65? filters in the first stage and, in the second, rotating multi-format filter-holder for 5×5 and 4×5.65? formats. Insert 5×5? filters and fully use the wide angle format in any position of the rotating stage. For even more flexibility when using e.g. graduation filters, insert 5×6? filters in the first stage (filter-holder 510-02). The connecting diameter of 104 mm and the respective Step-Down Rings fit most lenses. For the further two standard versions with 110 and 130mm clamp-on diameter various step-down rings are available. The French Flag is included, Side Wings are optional. For maximum stray light reduction, sets of mattes for 4:3 and 16:9 formats are available. Tip: Check the correct positioning of the side wings when using super wide angle lenses to avoid vignetting.

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