Camera Corps Mini Zoom Camera HD/SD w/ I/R


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The Camera Corps HD Minizoom is quite simply the smallest broadcast quality HD camera system that incorporates a built-in 10x zoom lens with full remote control of zoom, focus and CCU functions, providing a creative solution for obtaining different shot angles in restricted locations.Measuring just 96 x 49 x 45 mm this robust mini camera is mounted in an environmental housing and with just 6-12v power the camera will operate in full auto mode with the lens in wide-angle to produce a Y, Pr, Pb output on the single 6 pin connector.The full potential of the camera is realised when connected to its small interface box which provides 2 x HD-SDI outputs and all the necessary data decoding to allow manual zoom, focus and iris operation from a small local control panel. A full remote CCU panel is also available.

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