Autoscript EPIC 17″ Dual Monitor Teleprompter

Autoscript EPIC 17″ Dual Monitor Teleprompter

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The E.P.I.C. 17″ Teleprompter System from Autoscript combines a traditional 17″ teleprompter setup with a 17″ talent monitor. Having the talent monitor integrated with the prompter monitor precludes the need for extra mounting brackets, power supplies, cables, and other accessories. This unified design allows for a lighter weight, less power hungry system with no restriction of tripod tilt range. The complete E.P.I.C. 17″ system includes a camera mounting plate, a glass beam splitter, support rods, and other accessories so you can use the system right out of the box.

Two of each composite video and HD-SDI input options are available for video input. The inputs are shared by both monitors, so any video input can be routed to either the prompting monitor or the talent monitor. The prompting monitor has a resolution of 1280 x 1024 and a brightness of 1600 nits for readability in bright studio situations. The full HD talent monitor features 400 nits of brightness from the LED backlight. The LED solution further keeps the weight of the unit down. The unit also has outputs which send VITC timecode and 12 VDC power to accessories such as the ClockPlus and TallyPlus.

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