Bexel Global Powers New Camera Technology for ESPN’s Monday Night Football

By September 2, 2015Press Releases

September 3, 2015 – Burbank, CA – When the 2015 Monday Night Football schedule kicks off September 14th, ESPN will be ready to capture all of the action happening on the field. Bexel Global Broadcast Solutions is providing seven state-of-the-art Sony HDC-4300 camera systems for this season’s Monday night games. The new HDC-4300 camera is extremely versatile, offering superior HD quality from 4K UHD sensors, super slow motion capability from 3x, 4x, 6x and 8x (480fps), and 4K UHD quality output.As the HDC-4300 has the ability to acquire 4K images, one of the cameras will be used as a 4K camera on a high endzone position for Monday Night Football. Four additional HDC-4300s are being used as hard cameras, while two more will be hand-held on the sidelines.

evertz-dreamcatcher-rental-bexel“The HDC-4300 creates an amazing high definition image through a sensor with the ability to capture multiple formats, including 1080p, 720p and 1080i,” notes Joseph Wire, vice president of business development for Bexel Global. “Having this capability allows the high definition image, at 60fps, to be of a superior quality, while simultaneously delivering a stunning 4K UHD signal at 120fps. You get a better image than any of the normal cameras currently available for everyday use. They have the flexibility to function as a regular camera, or you can record a number of different framerates. So while you can do 4K 120fps, in 1080p, 720p or 1080i, you can actually go 240fps, 360fps or 480fps. For Monday Night Football, ESPN will be running at 360fps, 480fps and in 4k at 120fps.”

Bexel-Sony-HDC-4300-2015-NBA-Finals-Slo-MoOn Monday Night Football, Œthe HDC-4300 being used as a 4K camera is being recorded in an Evertz DreamCatcher. “ESPN used two DreamCatchers last season, and we are providing them with four for the 2015 season,” said Wire. “The Dreamcatcher is ideally suited for use on Monday Night Football, as it has current capability to record and zoom into the 4K image at 120fps. Having this capability built standard into the software allowed Bexel to provide a single piece of equipment to meet the requirements of the production. Viewers will enjoy a very immersive experience, as ESPN can capture the action at high frame rates, zoom into multiple points, and freeze frames at critical moments.

Bexel Global is also providing four Sony HDC-4300s for ESPN College Football. Two cameras will be used for the Saturday Night Football on ABC package, and two will be deployed in individual packages to other games during the week. For college football, ESPN will be running the cameras in 720p at both 360fps and 480fps.

“ESPN used the first HDC-4300 as their super slo-mo camera for an NBA Finals game for ABC in June,” concluded Wire. “We are very pleased they are now using the cameras for the 2015 Monday Night Football and college football seasons as well. Bexel Global’s investment in 20 HDC-4300s is part of our continued support and development of 4K UHD camera solutions, and we feel we are perfectly positioned to meet the growing demand we are seeing from our customers for UHD support.”

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