Meet Our Team

Our team is service-driven and dedicated to providing our clients with everything they need to execute world-class broadcast productions.

We contribute to NEP Group’s culture of passion, innovation, and superior client service. Together, we have supported some of the world’s most-watched live telecasts, sporting events, TV shows, entertainment productions, award shows, and corporate events.

Meet the passionate driving force behind Bexel.

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  • Jeff LaMarita
    Jeff LaMarita
    Strategic Account Manager
  • Howard Rosenthal
    Howard Rosenthal
    VP, Strategic Accounts & Global Resources
  • Mike King
    Mike King
    Director, Sales – Bexel
  • Christine De Gracia
    Christine De Gracia
    Systems Support Specialist
  • Luis Aceves
    Luis Aceves
  • Rod Allen
    Rod Allen
    Senior Project Manager
  • Tony Alvarado
    Tony Alvarado
  • Andy Berry
    Andy Berry
    Fiber Engineer, NEP Integrated Solutions
  • Eric Betley
    Eric Betley
    CAD Designer
  • Joseph Booker
    Joseph Booker
    Field Technician
  • Edd Bonner
    Edd Bonner
    Vice President, Engineering & Operations
  • Otto Carroll
    Otto Carroll
    Project Engineer, Fiber
  • Chris Chang
    Chris Chang
    Assistant Manager, Engineering
  • Sandy Colonna
    Sandy Colonna
    Manager, Strategic Accounts
  • Angela S. Davila
    Angela S. Davila
    E-Commerce Coordinator, Bexel Sales
  • John DeSilva
    John DeSilva
    Manager, Engineering
  • George Fraser
    George Fraser
    Fiber Cable Technician
  • Meri Guyumdzhyan
    Meri Guyumdzhyan
    Labor & Travel Coordinator
  • Vahagn Gharibyan
    Vahagn Gharibyan
  • Tracy Guest
    Tracy Guest
    Lead Coordinator, Sales
  • Danilo Hernandez
    Danilo Hernandez
    Operations Technician
  • Robert Hughbanks
    Robert Hughbanks
    Audio Engineer
  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones
    Lead Sales Coordinator
  • Bryan Kirby
    Bryan Kirby
    Project Manager
  • David Ledbetter
    David Ledbetter
    Fiber Optic Technician
  • Tanner Madix
    Tanner Madix
    Camera Engineer
  • Daniel Marquez
    Daniel Marquez
    Operations Technician
  • Ted Marvin
    Ted Marvin
    Audio Manager
  • Sean Mason
    Sean Mason
    Supervisor, Prep
  • Jennifer Mayrant
    Jennifer Mayrant
    Project Coordinator
  • Christina McCrae
    Christina McCrae
    Sales Coordinator
  • Andrew McHaddad
    Andrew McHaddad
    Chief Audio Engineer, Bexel ASG
  • Scott Nardelli
    Scott Nardelli
    Vice President & General Manager, NEP Integrated Solutions
  • John Mills
    John Mills
    Business Development Manager, NEP Integrated Solutions
  • Roger Pagel
    Roger Pagel
    Systems Engineer
  • Johnny Pastor
    Johnny Pastor
    Vice President, Technical Services
  • David Paucar
    David Paucar
    Systems Engineer
  • Tim Quinn
    Tim Quinn
    Systems Engineer
  • John Robledo
    John Robledo
    Systems Engineer
  • Lane Robbins
    Lane Robbins
    Systems Engineer
  • Julia Rodgers
    Julia Rodgers
    Manager, Strategic Accounts
  • Andrea Rosenkrans
    Andrea Rosenkrans
    Senior Project Manager
  • Alex Salas
    Alex Salas
    Operations Technician
  • Craig Schiller
    Craig Schiller
    Vice President, Operations
  • John Steinmetz
    John Steinmetz
    Engineering Manager
  • Dale Storz
    Dale Storz
    Vice President, Bexel Sales
  • Noel Tacadena
    Noel Tacadena
  • Marcus Talamantez
    Marcus Talamantez
    Operations Manager
  • Jason Tapia
    Jason Tapia
  • Tommy Teller
    Tommy Teller
  • Nick Teti
    Nick Teti
    Account Executive, Bexel Sales
  • Dan Tolbert
    Dan Tolbert
    EVS Engineer
  • Jim Turner
    Jim Turner
    Systems Engineer
  • Scott Turnipseed
    Scott Turnipseed
    Lead Sales Coordinator
  • Miguel Vargas
    Miguel Vargas
    Audio Engineer
  • Joe Wire
    Joe Wire
    Vice President, Business Development, NEP Integrated Solutions