Bexel Will Unveil Their Custom-Built Clarity 800 HFR Camera at NAB 2017

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Visit Bexel at Vitec Booth C6025 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 24-27

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February 23, 2017 – Burbank, CA – At the 2017 NAB Show, attendees will see why Bexel remains on the forward edge of innovation in production services and engineering for broadcasters’ demanding and evolving requirements. A great example is our brand-new Clarity 800 camera, developed in direct response to customer demand for a high-speed, POV camera with HFR and the real-time processing needed for live sports. And our Fiber Mini Booth Kit demonstrates Bexel’s ongoing technology leadership in fiber-optic solutions.

Bexel Clarity 800 Miniature HFR Point-of-View Camera

Bexel Clarity 800 Camera

As a part of their specialty camera initiative, Bexel announced the launch of Clarity 800, a custom-built camera that is the world’s first miniature, high-frame-rate (HFR) point-of view camera for live production. Building on Bexel and Camera Corps’ unrivaled experience of using specialty cameras in live broadcast, the company developed the standard-setting Clarity 800 camera system to meet sports and event producers’ increasing demand for high-quality, real-time HFR video. The Clarity 800 offers HFR in HD up to 8x (480 fps), and 1080p processing for superior quality, capable of all video formats including 1080i and 720p. The camera delivers complete camera functionality in a form factor that is only 4.7 inches high, 2.56 inches wide, and 1 inch thick. The Clarity 800 easily integrates into a live event ecosystem, operating as a broadcast camera system with real-time processing via fiber optics and integration with industry-standard video servers. Key features include a full-function camera remote control panel (RCP) for paint control of the camera and a positive-lock lens mount with lens control of focus, iris, and zoom motors.


Wireless Audio & Communications Solutions

Bexel QT-5100 PlayerMic

At the 2017 NAB Show, Bexel ESS will showcase its 15+ years of expertise in RF and wireless system design, touching key phases of frequency coordination, equipment selection, system design, integration, and training. The company’s propriety line of Managed Antenna System (MAS) products provide a robust and scalable solution for wide-area coverage of low-power wireless devices, greatly extending the usefulness of transmitters and receivers for on-air talent cueing, on-air talent microphones, and crew communication for both live events and permanent installations. Bexel ESS provides RF design and installation capabilities to meet the new FCC spectrum changes. On display at NAB will be an example of Bexel’s exclusive RF audio solution with Quantum5X in providing Player and Coach Mics for a variety of sports applications. The QT-5100 Mic is a rubberized, flexible player microphone system, that weighs less than two ounces and is only a third of an inch thick. The PlayerMic has been field-tested by the NBA and can be wirelessly controlled to adjust frequency, mic gain, RF power level, mode and grouping.


Bexel Fiber Mini Booth Kit

Fiber Optic Solutions

With the growing need to accommodate 4K and its increased bandwidth and 12G support, Bexel has recently made a substantial fiber optic equipment investment to accommodate the demand. The company’s expert fiber technicians are equipped to design a custom fiber optic infrastructure, or RF-over-Fiber solution for a number of microphone, IFB, intercom, and microwave camera systems for any broadcast event. At NAB, Bexel will showcase their expertise with their newly built Fiber Mini Booth Kit, a solution for interfacing an announce booth with audio, video, intercom, and IFB equipment to connect with a mobile unit up to 3,000 feet away without signal degradation. All over six strands of single-mode “tactical” fiber-optic cabling, the Mini Booth Kit gives productions the ability to send and receive 12 bi-directional video paths (six each way), 16 audio (eight microphones, eight intercom paths), four IFB channels, and an optional robotic camera interface (with Ethernet control). The Fiber Mini Booth Kit is extremely user-friendly and can be moved around and set up within minutes, making it ideal for smaller productions with only a single on-site technical manager to set up the various fiber paths.

Crewless Studio and Integration Solutions

Bexel ESS Crewless Studio

Bexel ESS is the division of Bexel providing custom systems integration, managed services, and turnkey design for high-profile broadcasters and networks.

Bexel ESS effectively improves business operations through the creation of custom production solutions enabling high quality video content. The systems integration group within Bexel led the development of the Crewless Studio, an IP-based cloud managed solution for the distribution and consumption of both live and recorded video content.

Now available, standardized packages of enterprise video solutions featuring Vitec Group products and accessories are offered. The production solution is user friendly, cost effective, and remotely managed to streamline content creation in the enterprise, corporate, broadcast, and education markets. Bexel ESS focuses on customized applications for complex installations within the market. See it in action at NAB Show 2017.

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