Bexel Lands Championship Events for Major League Fishing

By January 29, 2015News

January 29, 2015 – Declaring the creation of a new game, with new rules and no limits, the Outdoor Channel and 24 of the world’s premiere competitive bass fishing anglers came together four years ago to form Major League Fishing™ and Bexel has been on the water with them for every catch.

Major League Fishing’s Summit Select event, a qualifying competition in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and General Tire Summit Cup, a six-day competition that took place on four lakes in Waterville, Maine, are airing in January on the Outdoor Channel. The 2015 Challenge Select and Challenge Cup events will air in April.

“In past seasons, we’ve supported two events a year for Major League Fishing,” says Gregory Bragg, vice president of Global Sales for Bexel. “But with the addition of their popular qualifying Select events, we’re now working with them four times a year. We provide 10 to 15 Sony PDW-F800 cameras per shoot, and anywhere from 20 to 30 channels of RF audio. But the really critical element we supply for these events is a Bexel Systems Engineer, who goes out on location and oversees the systems. The Major League Fishing competitions are all staged in rather challenging production environments, and having someone on the ground is crucial.”

bexel-global-services-major-league-fishing-rentalRandy White, Senior Producer for Winnercomm, the Tulsa, Oklahoma-based production company that produces Major League Fishing, relies on Bexel for both their equipment and that on the ground support.

“From the very beginning, Bexel has supplied all of our production equipment, and we really put it through the ringer. At the Cup events, we have 12 of our 15 cameras out on chase boats every day. It’s not easy being out in a bass boat for eight plus hours in very harsh environments. Between the rain, the wind and the sun, it’s a tough gig. But at the end of the shoot, our camera guys know they can turn their equipment over to the Bexel engineer and walk away. The next day, everything will be ready to go and running at 100% efficiency. It’s a great system for us.”

Bexel System Engineer Chris Accetta was on hand for the last four Cup and Select events. “Chris has done a remarkable job for us,” notes White. “We really like working with the Bexel team, and it’s great for a production like ours to have them available to us. It’s a major undertaking to service the areas where we stage our events, and we’ve never had a problem.”

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