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Case Study: Building a Broadcast Interface between the NHL and the Rights Holders

By January 18, 2018January 29th, 2018NEP Integrated Solutions Case Studies, News

At A Glance

Client: National Hockey League
Challenge: Exceed the expectations of the NHL rights holders during the special events and Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Solution: Provide engineering resources to manage the rights holder’s needs.
Results: Wider range of broadcast distribution, and lowered the cost of implementation for the rights holders.


  • Providing multiple rights holders their desired connections in multiple locations.
  • Managing the truck I/O for multiple rights holders.
  • Managing RF coordination in unknown  environments with narrow spectrums.
  • Managing events in non-hockey facilities.
  • Outdoor venues do not have the  required infrastructure.


To create a comprehensive plan that certified the existing and temporary venue cable plant so rights holder could quickly, easily and reliably setup for the event.

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  • Bexel ESS and the NHL created a partnership to provide managed services at the Winter Classic, outdoor games and Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  • Bexel ESS provided engineering resources to test and certify the existing fiber and copper infrastructure in the playoff arenas. Bexel ESS was able to test, repair and certify each facility; Bexel ESS also labeled every JBT and the truck bay I/O with specific connection maps for the rights holders. This proved to be invaluable for the multiple rights holders as they setup for the events. Bexel ESS also managed the truck I/O and worked closely with the rights holders to fulfill their needs. It improved their workflow and saved time during the setup process.
  • Bexel ESS provided and installed additional fiber runs to support the rights holders as well as the NHL Network needs.
  • The NHL Network utilized the Bexel ESS fiber booth kit, which allowed them the ability to have a remote set and move all video, audio and comms over a few strands of fiber.
  • Bexel ESS designed a solution for the NHL In-Net cams used for officiating during outdoor games.
  • The existing antenna support for the in-net camera systems was not able to be utilized outside, it is permanently mounted in each NHL venue.
  • Bexel ESS designed a wireless system that maintained a small footprint that could fit into the existing net configuration and provide a stable signal for the in-net cameras at the all outdoor venues.
  • Bexel ESS provided RF management at all outdoor venues as well as Stanley Cup venues. This service is imperative to the live broadcast; Bexel ESS works closely with each of the rights holders and assigns them an operating frequency during the event. We also closely monitor all frequency to assure a successful broadcast.


Bexel Engineered Systems & Solutions was able to identify the client’s needs and provide solutions that best fit their goals. Bexel ESS’s managed services met the demands of the National Hockey League and their rights holders as well as provided unique solutions to complex problems that were encountered at multiple venues. Being able to adapt to an ever-changing and complex broadcast environment is where we thrive; creating solutions to meet the client’s needs is what we take pride in.

  • Provided a robust and reliable solution that lowered the cost of implementation for the rights holders.
  • Minimized the onsite time for the NHL & rights holders
  • Mitigated risk of on-air issues for the rights holders
  • Strengthened the relationship between the rights holders and the NHL
  • Streamlined the broadcast interface between the NHL and the rights holders

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